2021/22 Syllabus

Our meeting have resumed.  However, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow, has issued guidelines in - line with the Scottish Government.  We shall be following our normal syllabus.  These are subject to change.

Fri 15th Oct - Business Meeting
Fri 6th Nov -  TBC
Fri 19th Nov - TBC
Fri 3rd Dec - Cancelled
Fri 17th Dec - Cancelled

Fri 7th Jan - Cancelled

Fri 21st Jan -   Business Meeting

Fri 4th Feb - Lodge Scotia 178 exemplification of the EA degree

Fri 18th Feb - Business meeting/Enquiry

Fri 4th Mar - 3rd Degree by Lodge Instruction class

Fri 18th Mar - EA Degree by Lodge St Andrew Glasgow 465

Fri 1st Apr - Provincial Visitation followed by a Lecture on the Clydebank Blitz and clydebank Lodges by Bro Jim Gardiner PM

Fri 15th Apr - FC Degree by The Lodge Instruction Team

Fri 6th May -  M.M Degree Lodge Degree Team on Candidate

Fri 20th May -  Mark Ceremonial TBC

Fri 3rd June - Cancelled

Fri 17th June - Cancelled.